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Care Homes

In the care home sector, fire safety holds paramount importance. With residents often experiencing challenges such as loss of hearing, sight, or limited mobility, there's an amplified need for a rigorous fire safety strategy and system.

Our experience in care homes includes fire safety guidance, and both passive and active solutions to prevent the risk of fire and protect residents, staff and visitors. 

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When maintaining fire safety, care home facilities face several sector-specific challenges. Not only are there often additional fire risks posed by the use of specialised medical equipment, but in many of these settings, the vulnerability of those on site also needs to be heavily considered.

Emergency evacuation procedures can become complicated where there are residents with mobility issues, the elderly, or residents receiving specialist care for conditions such as dementia.

At Ventro, we bring our understanding of these challenges into every solution we develop for our care home clients.

  • Detailed site surveys
    To establish your needs and the potential fire hazards with your facilities to develop an effective bespoke solution.
  • Seamless installation process
    Carried out by our experienced team of fire safety engineers with minimal disruption to your residents and your team.
  • Fire system maintenance 
    Conducted at regular intervals to secure long-term compliance and ensure your systems are always working to keep everyone safe.

How we help

Calling on a decade of industry experience, our dedicated team of fire safety and compliance professionals are on hand to work alongside you in developing a practical and pragmatic solution which minimises fire risks and ensures the safety of everyone on your premises, including those who are most vulnerable.

We offer complete end-to-end support, from initial site surveys to installation, maintenance and beyond, enabling you to invest in comprehensive solutions that will secure the long-term fire safety of your premises. 

Speak to a fire safety expert today and see how Ventro can help your care home premises achieve fire safety compliance.


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Important Considerations:
  • Residents 
    Ventro offers a tailored program of works in collaboration with care homes to mitigate the risk of fire and prioritise your residents safety. Our team ensures that operatives on site are extensively trained to navigate the unique complexities of working within care home environments.
  • Regulations & Best practice
    In relation to fire safety, care homes are required to meet the legislation set out in the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (2005) 

    It is essential to conduct regular fire safety training for staff, ensuring that new members receive immediate instruction. Scheduled fire drills and evacuation practices should be implemented to ensure that all staff members are prepared to respond confidently and calmly in the event of a fire.

  • Procurement 
    Ventro’s goal is to make the procurement process as easy as possible for all sectors in which we operate. Frameworks allows care homes to comply with procurement regulations whilst making the process seamless and quick to enable the project to be carried out swiftly and ensure the critical, lifesaving works are completed.
  • Third-Party Accreditations 
    Ventro carries a host of relevant fire safety accreditations to help demonstrate our commitment to competence. 

    Some of the most important accreditations for the care home sector are BM Trada for fire doors which demonstrates that we are competent to fit and maintain fire doors. As well as this the BAFE Fire Safety Register which demonstrates that we are competent to design, fit and install fire safety alarm systems.
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