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External Storage Solutions

Bins may not immediately come to mind as fire hazards, but they carry hidden risks that can lead to potential disasters. Accumulated waste, particularly when not disposed of correctly, can become highly flammable.

Additionally, there has been an increasing number of residential fires attributed to Lithium-ion batteries in E-scooters, E-bikes, or mobility scooters.


E-Scooter Storage

Mobility Scooter Stores / E-Scooter / E-Bike Stores Solutions

In recent times there have been a growing number of residential fires that have been caused by Lithium-ion batteries from either E-scooters, E-bikes or even mobility scooters. Unfortunately, even small Lithium-ion batteries have the potential to violently explode and burn intensely if they suffer physical damage or become overcharged, a phenomenon referred to as 'thermal runaway.'

The potential consequences of an incident occurring within any indoor environment are unimaginable. While there are relatively straightforward measures to help reduce the risk, such as avoiding overnight charging and installing suitable alarms, the ultimate solution to eliminate the risk is the establishment of secure external storage points.

Prioritise safety and fire compliance – get in touch with Ventro today to discuss mobility scooter stores / e-scooter / e-bike storage solutions, ensuring the utmost safety for your residents and visitors.

Bin Stores / Waste Storage Solutions

Accumulated waste material, particularly if not disposed of properly, can become highly flammable. Items like paper, cardboard, and packaging materials are common inhabitants of bins, and when ignited, they can fuel a fire and cause it to spread rapidly.

Establishing effective bin stores and waste storage solutions offers several additional benefits. Organised waste storage helps maintain a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment, enhancing the overall appearance of the premises. This positive impression contributes to a better experience and reflects well on the property's image.

Don't compromise on safety and fire compliance. Contact us today to discuss your waste storage solutions and ensure the utmost safety for your residents and occupants.


In summary, bins, despite being commonly overlooked as fire hazards, can hold hidden risks when waste builds up. Furthermore, an increasing number of residential fires are also associated with Lithium-ion batteries in E-scooters, E-bikes, and mobility scooters. To obtain further information or assistance, take the initiative to ensure safety and fire compliance by getting in touch with Ventro Group. Discuss waste storage and mobility scooter storage solutions to secure the highest safety standards for your residents and occupants.

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