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Limiting Fire Spread With Ventro’s Compartmentation Strategy 

Fire compartmentation is the principle of how the spread of a fire can be held in one area of a building by 30, 60, 90 or even 120 minutes. 

Compartmentation is when compartment lines, such as doors, air openings and ductwork, divide a building into smaller sections. This can limit the damage and spread of fire by restricting room access. At Ventro, we have a range of equipment available to facilitate a successful compartmentation setup.







What Makes Compartmentation Special? 

Passive fire protection must be present on your business premises. In the event of a fire, this gives people additional time to evacuate a building safely by preventing fire routes from becoming part of the spread. This also allows fire and rescue services to arrive before it spreads out of control. 

We provide several solutions to ensure the integrity of the compartments within your buildings, such as:

  • Fire Stopping: Fire stopping products are designed to stop the passage of flame and smoke, typically around services or where there may be penetrations between compartment lines. We work with the leading manufacturers in the world to ensure that we are bringing the latest and most innovative fire stopping solutions to your project.
  • Fire Door Systems: Fire doors compartmentalise smoke and fire to stop it from spreading at pace. That’s exactly what our range of industry-leading and fully regulated fire doors do. This includes fully serviced fire door Healthcheck, Installation and Maintenance.
  • Fire Dampers: Fire dampers are a vital part of our compartmentation strategy. They help limit and extinguish a fire without further damage. Ventro’s range of smoke dampers can protect all environments and protect all types of ventilation systems from fire penetration.

Why Does This Make Ventro the Partner of Choice? 

Ventro’s range of effective compartmentation equipment and strategy ensures fire checks are for safety and compliance. 

Today, more than 1,000 sites across the UK rely on Ventro's services for their fire compliance and fire safety needs. Employing the most effective fire compliance tools ensures that ventilation and air systems effectively prevent the spread of smoke. As part of our passive fire compliance safety strategy, we subject our equipment to rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality of service and value.

Testing and fire compliance are of the utmost importance. We’ll help you implement the best compartmentation strategy for your building. To learn more about how your building could benefit from our fire prevention expertise, reach out to our team today.


We are a CPD Certified Member and pride ourselves in educating and knowledge-sharing with like-minded individuals. Ventro is a keen advocate for sharing and promoting knowledge within specialist sectors.  If you want to learn more about our Fire Doors and Compartmentation CPD click the button below. 

To provide you with total peace of mind, we maintain the highest accreditations and training services available in our industry.
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