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Our experience in hospitals, medical facilities, care homes and GP surgeries has included fire safety education, guidance, and both passive and active solutions to prevent the risk of fire and protect patients, residents, staff and visitors. 




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When maintaining fire safety, healthcare facilities face several sector-specific challenges. Not only are there additional fire risks posed by the use of specialised medical and surgical equipment, but in many of these settings, the vulnerability of those on site also needs to be taken into account. At Ventro, we bring our understanding of these challenges into every solution we develop for our healthcare clients. 


  • Detailed Site Inspections
    To establish any potential fire hazards in your facility to develop and deliver effective solutions

  • Fire System Maintenance
    Conducted regularly for long-term compliance, ensuring your properties remain safe and compliant

  • Seamless Installation Process
    Carried out by our experienced team of fire safety engineers with minimal disruption to your operations


Having compliant fire safety systems in hospitals is paramount to promptly detect and respond to any fire incidents, minimising harm and preventing disruptions to essential healthcare operations.


Care Homes

Fire safety systems in care homes protect the lives of elderly and vulnerable residents, staff, and visitors, ensuring their safety and well-being whilst on your premises.


The customer service was outstanding. Myself and my team would like to send a massive thank you for Karl’s extremely hard work and his training was excellent.

Royal Mencap Society,
Assistant Service Manager

Fire Safety Healthchecks

Fire Safety Healthchecks

Carried out when you first bring us on board and at regular five-year intervals to make sure the fire safety solutions you have in place remain effective. 

Passivce & Active Solutions-1

Passive & Active Solutions

Installed on site by our fire safety experts, who remain committed to delivering an excellent standard of service while upholding our resident-centric approach. 


Resident Liaison-3

Resident Liaison

Handled by our in-house team of experts, we’ll plan your installation works and liaise directly with your building’s residents, so there’s one less thing for you to worry about. 

Ongoing Maintance

Ongoing Maintenance

To keep your building fully fire safety compliant and your tenants safe, we carry out regular maintenance checks and reassess your needs. 



Featured Webinar

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Healthcare / A Ventro Webinar

Ensuring Fire Safety in the Healthcare Sector

Join us for our eagerly awaited webinar as we explore the newest advancements and essential updates in fire safety regulations in the healthcare sector.


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