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Custodial and Judicial

Safeguarding the security of your facilities and personnel within the custodial and judicial sector is paramount. Ventro specialises in delivering fire safety solutions tailored to the specific needs of custodial and judicial environments. From conducting thorough surveys to implementing targeted fire prevention measures, our team of fire safety experts is committed to ensuring compliance and protecting your custodial and judicial operations.

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In the custodial and judicial sector, where security and safety are paramount concerns, ensuring fire safety is of utmost importance. With diverse areas such as detention facilities, courtrooms, administrative offices, and support areas, maintaining effective fire safety measures poses significant challenges.

Implementing a robust fire safety solution that not only minimises the risk of fire but also facilitates prompt detection, swift response, and orderly evacuation in case of an emergency is essential to safeguarding both your facilities and all occupants within them.

Drawing from our extensive experience collaborating with various entities within the custodial and judicial sector, we understand the importance of adhering to schedules and conducting thorough surveys. Our team recognises the necessity of aligning with your operational timetable and specific requirements. Reach out to one of our fire safety consultants today to explore how we can address your unique fire safety concerns.



  • Comprehensive site assessments

Completed, where needed, at the start of your partnership with us to identify any issues and outline the scope of needed work. Our in-depth health checks can also be used to survey and report on specific areas of fire safety and stopping

  • Passive and active fire safety systems 

Providing the appropriate fire stopping or compartmentation solution for every location and scenario, installed by our dedicated team of experts.

  • Ongoing maintenance 

To ensure your compliance solutions and systems remain functional and your level of compliance is maintained in accordance with the latest and relevant legislation

How we help

As part of the Crown Commercial Services framework, our expertise in the custodial and judicial sector is underscored by our work with diverse facilities. We understand the complexities and potential hazards inherent in maintaining fire safety protocols within such environments. This understanding drives our commitment to serving as your trusted fire compliance partner.

We offer comprehensive fire safety solutions tailored to your site's specific needs, ensuring the safety of your employees, detainees, clients, and visitors. Reach out to one of our experienced consultants today to explore your unique fire safety requirements and learn how we can tailor our services to meet your distinct needs.


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Where We Offer Support

  • Clients 
    We understand the complexities inherent in managing fire safety projects amid the dynamic custodial and judicial operations and facilities. Our objective is to remain adaptable and align with your operational timetable to mitigate disruptions.
  • Regulations 
    Staying abreast of the constantly evolving regulations regarding fire safety poses a significant challenge, especially amidst your demanding schedule. This is why we host frequent webinars and knowledge-sharing events, offering you access to the most up-to-date information without the need for extensive online research.
  • Procurement
    We are proud to be accredited under the Crown Commercial Services framework, demonstrating our competence and commitment to serving the custodial and judicial sector. This accreditation allows us to address a wide range of requirements effectively. By leveraging our consultative approach, we will collaborate with you to strategically plan remedial work programs that prioritise compliance and enhance the safety of premises for all occupants.
  • Third-Party Accreditations
    We take pride in our acknowledgment by several prominent industry bodies and organisations for delivering suitable, top-tier fire safety solutions tailored to the retail sector's needs.
Providing you with the expert fire safety measures your premises require.
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