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A cultural change in the fire safety industry is needed

Ever since fire safety regulations have been enforced, the industry has used these regulations as the standard by which all work should be carried out, however, regulations by their very nature are a minimum requirement and must be seen as such. Ventro places priority on safety first solutions, delivering solutions that go above and beyond compliance to offer people peace of mind that their buildings are not only compliant but most importantly safe.

“We need systemic change, not just minor reforms” 

At our Building Safety Masterclass, we asked key stakeholders, 'Do you think the Building Safety Act will have an impact on fire safety in the housing sector?'
“A culture change is required to support the delivery of buildings that are safe, both now and in the future.”

Dame Judith Hackitt,
A former Chair of the UK Health and Safety Executive

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Driving Change In The Sector

At Ventro we are firm advocates of going above and beyond the current regulations. Fire safety should be paramount to any decision being made and not, as is often the case, what is the cheapest way to achieve the current regulations that are set. We are not alone in this mindset.

Dame Judith Hackitt, who was the chair of the independent review of building regulations and fire safety after the tragedy of Grenfell Tower, states, “There’s a real need for the industry to recognise it needs to change its culture, stop waiting to be told what to do – take responsibility and recognise you have an important role to play in ensuring that people have properties that are safe for them to live in and to use.”  

Working with Ventro will ensure:

  • Quality Over Price
  • Above Compliance
  • Beyond Legislative Requirements

“As market leaders in the fire safety industry, it is imperative that we drive the sector forward by offering solutions that go above and beyond legislative requirements. Safety for residents and the public must be paramount.”

- Harvey Melvin, Managing Director of Ventro Group

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At our Golden Thread Event, we asked Neel Naik, 'What is the importance of events, and how can they demonstrate good practice?'

“This gave me valuable insight into many aspects of building control.”

Keith Townsend,
Fire Risk Assessor

Ventro Events Lead the Way

Fire safety knowledge and best practice is always evolving thanks to changing demands and innovative technologies. That’s why it’s vital that industry leaders are accessible and sharing their knowledge.

Use our events programme throughout the year. We curate speakers and topics to cover every sector of fire safety and bring together people to share, learn and work together to improve fire safety standards.

  • The speakers are safety experts and policymaker
  • The content is always current and up to date
  • We promote dialogue rather than one-way monologues

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