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Training Providers

We strive to equip you and your company with the right training programmes across a multitude of sectors, services and legislative updates. Below you will find providers for all your training needs.

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Working within an ever-changing industry, it becomes difficult sometimes to stay up-to-date on all the latest legislation, news and laws. Providing a list of training programmes which you can look into on a deeper level to ensure best practice is always fulfilled and you know the most up-to-date information on specific sectors and services. 

CPDs Hosted By Ventro

We are a CPD Certified Member and pride ourselves in educating and knowledge-sharing with like-minded individuals. Ventro is a keen advocate for sharing and promoting knowledge within specialist sectors.

Continuous Professional Development allows learning to become proactive and conscious. It involves an individual documenting the skills, knowledge and experience that they learn throughout their career. CPDs can be presented in a multitude of formats, from seminars and webinars to workshops, conferences and events. 

PEEPs Training

Triple A Solutions have been specialising in the Fire Safety industry since 2003. They offer PEEPs Training Courses: Proof of competency is key for both the Building Safety Act and Fire Safety Order. 

To find out more about the training courses Triple A Solutions offer follow the below button.

Automist® Training

Plumis exists to reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by fire through the provision of intelligent fire suppression.

To find out more about the training courses Plumis offer, follow the below button.

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