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Our Net Zero Pledge

Making peace with nature is the defining task of the 21st century - UN Secretary-General

Ventro is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and working towards achieving net zero by 2050. Over the next 12 months, we will be looking into areas of the business to see where we can reduce our emissions. By putting a robust plan in place to complete actions and achieve our pledge we are on the right path to reaching a future Net Zero®

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Taking Sustainability Seriously Is a Company-Wide Attitude

1. 50% Reduction in Carbon Emissions by 2030:

  • We aim to achieve a substantial 50% reduction in our carbon emissions by the year 2030, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

2. Embracing Car Sharing for a Greener Commute:

  • To promote sustainable transportation, we are actively encouraging employees to participate in car-sharing initiatives. This not only reduces the overall carbon footprint but also fosters a sense of community among our staff.

3. Prioritising Local Suppliers:

  • We are committed to working with local suppliers to minimise transportation distances and support the regional economy. By prioritising local suppliers, we aim to cut down on the emissions associated with long-distance transportation.

4. Promoting Train Travel Over Driving:

  • In an effort to reduce the carbon impact of commuting, we strongly advise our staff to choose train travel whenever possible instead of driving. This not only reduces individual carbon footprints but also aligns with our commitment to sustainable transportation.

5. Waste Disposal:

  • Using Go Green reports, we track waste disposal from live site projects and offices, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of our environmental impact and facilitating continuous improvement in our waste management practices.


FNZ Standard Benchmark Badge - Ventro Ltd


Reduction in waste to landfill in 2022 when compared to 2021



Since installing 5 EV chargers in early 2022, we have cut our CO2 emissions by 25%



of all collected onsite waste was recycled in 2023.

Learn About Our Sister Company LivGreen

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LivGreen's mission is 'To help housing organisations achieve their Net Zero carbon targets. By providing innovative solutions to create safer, more sustainable environments.'

LivGreen is committed to generating zero-carbon housing in the UK and has developed a high-level strategy to provide a complete service to assist housing landlords in achieving their zero-carbon targets. Through retrofitting, we aim to reduce costs and improve carbon efficiency while promoting affordable warmth, improving environmental credentials and enhancing comfort levels for tenants.

Net Zero carbon buildings in operation are supported by three core principles;
  • Energy Efficiency

  • Low-Carbon Heat

  • Renewable Energy

With our extensive knowledge of working with the Housing Sector across the UK, we are trusted by property owners and housing organisations to deliver a best-practice quality standard of retrofit with minimal disruption to tenants. All our assessors and installers are PAS 2035/2030 certified and can deliver work at scalability to meet all your property requirements.