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Right Now, Over 1,500 Sites Around the UK Are Using Ventro Services for Fire Safety

A Nationwide leader in comprehensive fire safety solutions with proven expertise, extensive experience and strategic presence across the UK. Ventro provide the full range of fire safety services to building owners from initial consultancy, surveying and auditing, through to installation and on-going maintenance.

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Fire Alarms
Fire Alarms In Your Premises

Fire alarms detect fires via smoke, heat, gas, or manual activation, providing early warning for occupants to escape and minimise damage. Early detection is crucial for safety and property protection.

Fire Doors
Industry Leading Fire Doors

Fire doors prevent fire spread, crucial for building compartmentation and passive fire safety. Ventro, accredited under BM TRADA Q-Mark and Firas, is fully qualified to inspect, install, restore, and maintain fire doors.

Our Compartmentation Strategy

At Ventro, specialists conduct non-destructive fire compartmentation surveys, reporting on walls, floors, roof voids, service risers, and shafts. We install fire-stopping materials, ensuring compliance with British standards and regulations for client safety.

Fire Dampers
Installing Fire Dampers

Our fire dampers aid compartmentation, limiting and extinguishing fires. Electrically or manually set, our smoke dampers suit diverse environments. Ventro prioritises service, staying updated on the latest fire damper systems for client safety.

Fire Sprinkler Systems
Meet Compliance With Our Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinklers are cost-effective for rapid flame control, vital in fire safety plans. A well-designed system senses heat, alarms, and directs water to the fire site for effective extinguishing 

Fire Extinguishers
Tackle The Spread Of Fire With Our Fire Extinguishers

It's a law to have at least one fire extinguisher installed within a commercial or residential building. Here at Ventro, we supply all five types of fire extinguishers and can offer advice on helping you select the right one.

Wayfinding Signage
Ensure Clear Navigation With Wayfinding Signage

Emergency lighting aids safe evacuation, illuminating escape routes and exits in case of fire or power failure. Versatile in design, it can be integrated into everyday lighting, ensuring safety indoors or outdoors with various styles and sizes.

Wet And Dry Risers
Ensure Water Transportation With Dry And Wet Risers

Risers ensure emergency water supply during a fire in buildings. Dry risers are mandatory for structures over 18m, while wet risers are required for those over 50m. Compliance is guided by BS 9990.

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Our unique approach to fire safety uses a 3-step process to go beyond simple compliance.


100,000 Sites

Ventro has reached fire protection compliance on 100,000 sites across the whole of the UK.

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