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Government buildings vary widely in function, from military buildings to, administrative offices and courthouses, to public libraries and regulatory agencies. Each facility presents unique fire risks that require specialised fire safety measures to ensure the safety and security of occupants and operations. 



ministry of defence

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Government facilities serve as critical hubs for administration, public services, and governance, making fire safety a top priority to protect employees, visitors, and important information. Many Government buildings require additional clearance and planning due to the sensitive nature of their function.  


Ventro manage the risk which keep in line with:
  • Comprehensive Site Assessments
  • Passive and Active Fire Safety Systems
  • On-going Maintenance



Defense facilities are vital for national security, housing personnel, sensitive equipment, and critical infrastructure. Fire safety is paramount in these environments to protect lives, assets, and operational readiness. 



& Judicial

Custodial and judicial facilities are critical for law enforcement, justice administration, and public safety. Ensuring fire safety in these environments is essential to protect inmates, staff, and visitors and to maintain secure operations. 


Ventro have undertaken Fire Door Inspections across our portfolio, and this has led to them tendering for future projects and they are now on our preferred contractor list for Fire Stopping works.


Fire Safety Healthchecks-1

Fire Safety Healthchecks

Carried out when you first bring us on board and at regular five-year intervals to make sure the fire safety solutions you have in place remain effective. 

Passivce & Active Solutions-1

Passive & Active Solutions

Installed on site by our fire safety experts, who remain committed to delivering an excellent standard of service while upholding our resident-centric approach. 

Relevant Clearance_1-1

Relevant Clearance

Our Ventro staff always carry the necessary clearances. Working in secure facilities requires advanced clearance to protect against potential threats and ensure adherence to safety protocols.

Ongoing Maintance

Ongoing Maintenance

To keep your building fully fire safety compliant and your tenants safe, we carry out regular maintenance checks and reassess your needs. 


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