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Wayfinding Signage

Clear and well-placed wayfinding signs ensure that occupants can quickly and confidently navigate to designated assembly points, minimising the risk of confusion and panic during an emergency.

Wayfinding signage also helps the emergency services identify their location within the building under poor visibility, which in turn helps improve their reaction times and efficiency, ensuring fire compliance.


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Wayfinding Solutions Legislation

During phase 1 of the Grenfell inquiry, it was revealed that firefighters faced difficulties stemming from insufficient signage within the building, causing operational delays.

Subsequently, new legislation, effective from January 23, 2023, under the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, now requires the installation of Wayfinding Signage in all high-rise residential buildings in England (18m in height or 7 storeys).

This mandate includes a clear display of floor numbers and individual flat numbers.


Types of Wayfinding Signs

At Ventro, we specialise in providing comprehensive assessments for Wayfinding Signage. Our expert team conducts thorough evaluations of your premises, identifying areas that may require adjustments or improvements in Wayfinding Signage. We then offer tailored solutions to ensure your Wayfinding Signage meet or exceeds fire compliance safety standards, enhancing the safety of your building.

1. Floor & Flat Signage
2. Escape Route Signage
3. Firefighting Signage
4. Low Level Wayfinding & Flat Number Signage
5. Stair Nosing / Edgings
6. Additional Building Information Signage

Discover the different types of wayfinding signs and how they work to achieve fire compliance. Click below to find out more and improve your understanding of wayfinding.


Expert Wayfinding Signage Auditing, Installation and Monitoring

Ventro has you covered. We will conduct a comprehensive audit of your premises to determine the most suitable wayfinding signage solutions for your needs and guarantee the safe installation of everything.

Ensuring the ongoing wayfinding signage maintenance of your equipment is equally vital. Our team of engineers offers regulatory routine maintenance contracts, eliminating any concerns about meeting fire compliance requirements.

Our mission goes beyond achieving fire safety compliance; we aim to establish and maintain a safe environment. This involves providing the right fire equipment, ensuring proper installation, and conducting regular maintenance checks—all part of our comprehensive 3-step approach.

To explore our extensive range of products, and additional fire equipment, and learn how we can assist you in achieving compliance, visit our pricing page below.

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