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Provide a Safe Evacuation Route for Your Building’s Occupants With Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is used to illuminate escape routes and emergency exits — designed to shine a guiding light through smoke and fire to a place of safety.

Here at Ventro, we offer a range of emergency lighting solutions and can install them on your premises and provide regular maintenance to ensure fire compliance.

See how we can support you with your emergency lighting needs by arranging a chat with our friendly team.


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Emergency Lighting Solutions to Meet Your Needs

As per BS5266, it’s the law for building owners to install at least one LUX (one lumen per square meter) at floor level and no less than 0.5 LUX in anti-panic areas within their premises.

However, there can be more complex requirements in some buildings, so it can be difficult to know what type of emergency lighting is right for the specific needs of your buildings

That’s where Ventro can help. Our experts are able to attend the site and work with you to determine the best type of emergency lighting for your buildings. We can then provide a cost estimate and outline specification, and then install the emergency lighting system.

Many of our clients then also instruct us to provide their statutory cyclical maintenance to ensure they are compliant and safe in the event of a fire.

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Emergency Lighting Lux Level Assessment

Adequate lighting during evacuations reduces panic, enhances visibility, and minimises the risk of accidents.

At Ventro, we specialise in providing comprehensive assessments for emergency lighting lux levels. Our expert team conducts thorough evaluations of your premises, identifying areas that may require adjustments or improvements in lighting levels to ensure fire compliance. We then offer tailored solutions to ensure your emergency lighting systems meet or exceed safety standards, enhancing the safety of your space.

Don't compromise on safety and fire compliance. Contact us today to schedule an emergency lighting lux level assessment and ensure the utmost safety for your employees and visitors.

What to Consider When Upgrading to Emergency Lighting?

While emergency lighting isn't required by law in all settings, you must have it installed in residential buildings. We offer a range of solutions that provide maximum safety for residents. Some considerations when looking at upgrading or replacing Emergency Lighting are:

  • Cabling and conduit requirements
  • External lighting requirements

If you’d like to find out more about our emergency light solutions and how we can install and maintain them for you to ensure you achieve fire safety compliance, head over to our pricing page below.

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