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Frameworks streamline the procedure for buyers in the public and third sectors to obtain goods and services from an pre-approved group of suppliers, including established terms, conditions, and legal safeguards.

Ventro is excited to participate in multiple Frameworks and DPS', simplifying the process of acquiring our services to the greatest extent possible:

Our Frameworks


CHIC (Collaborative Housing Innovation Consortium) is a member owned and governed consortium that delivers compliant procurement solutions and commercial support to our members in partnership with the supply chain. This is accomplished through partnerships with various suppliers and stakeholders in the housing sector.


EEM is a non-profit group that assists the government and other public organisations in offering cost and efficiency savings. Any public organisation can join for free. EEM's main focus is helping its members do a good job providing products and services to their communities in a quick and efficient way.


LHC Procurement Group simplifies processes. They bring together buyers and suppliers for effective construction and maintenance of public properties, which benefits communities. Their compliant frameworks, available at no cost, cater to local authorities and social landlords.


Westworks is a not-for-profit organisation offering cost and efficiency savings for the public sector. There users are made up of a continually expanding group of public sector bodies. Westworks provide users a route to market for their projects that ensures compliance with the relevant contract regulations, providing the best value materials and services in a timely manner.


London Construction Programme connect the public sector with private sector construction and property services organisations. We promote opportunities and enable end-to-end procurement through advanced technology platforms, and dedicated professionals focused on successful outcomes for businesses, people and places. 


Procure Plus are a commercial, not for profit company that specialises in the procurement of goods and services related to both new-build and to the repair and maintenance of a wide range of social housing requirements.


Everything FM empower the public sector with access to our local, regional and national network of specialist suppliers – connecting organisations with high-quality facilities management and net zero solutions providers.

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Scotland Excel have helped to establish public procurement as an effective driver for local and national economic growth and wellbeing. Our services are designed to help our members deliver sustainable services that every community needs, and realise a host of social, economic and environmental benefits from their spend.


Procurement for All is part of a group of companies that delivers unique and flexible procurement solutions. We work alongside our partners in Social Housing, NHS, Local Authorities, Education, Blue Light Services and Charities to deliver long term cost savings and operational efficiencies.


Established in 2008 EP (Efficiency and Performance) is an organisation dedicated to driving performance, quality and efficiency for its customer organisations. Not for Profit and owned by social housing providers across the East of England.


Fusion21 is a social enterprise specialising in efficient and impactful public sector procurement through a framework approach. With social impact at the core of all their actions, as a member, you'll encounter outcome-focused solutions and transformative assistance.


Consortium Procurement Construction is a partnership created to provide existing and potential new members of each organisation with an unmatched variety of ways to buy things.


NHS Shared Business Services plays a pivotal role in aiding the NHS to streamline expenses, while concurrently enhancing the calibre of services. This allows the NHS to elevate healthcare standards, pioneer life-saving initiatives, and attain superior outcomes, all infused with a spirit of care and compassion.


Founded in 2007 and entirely owned by the NHS, NOE CPC (NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative) offers joint and tailored buying solutions to the NHS and other public sector groups. By using their knowledge in specific areas, they provide complete, legal buying solutions that help the NHS save money.


The Northern Housing Consortium speaks for housing groups in Northern England. They help members work together, make their voices heard in government, and welcome members from anywhere to share effective strategies.


PfH provides comprehensive home services that include more than just frameworks. They offer advice, technology, and flexible purchasing systems. All of this helps their Members make big improvements by saving money now and gaining valuable long-term advantages.


Pretium Frameworks develops and manages PCR 2015-compliant plans for UK public sector. They work with partners to offer single and multi-supplier solutions, covering maintenance,  fire safety, construction, compliance, and more.

pfh scotland

PfH Scotland offers comprehensive, all-encompassing services, including frameworks, consulting, technology, and dynamic purchasing systems. This combined approach empowers members to achieve significant cost savings.


ProcurePublic provide sustainable and economically beneficial procurement partnerships for a diverse range of sectors, spanning from charities and local authorities to housing associations and emergency services.


South East Consortium's frameworks ensure compliance, saving time and money. These solutions are designed for housing providers, covering various areas like consultancy, refurbishment, compliance, zero carbon, facilities, and new builds.


KCS lead in procurement services, specialising in compliant routes for the UK public sector to source products and services globally. Their teams assist various public sector entities, including local authorities, central government, NHS trusts, and educational institutions, ensuring a compliant framework for their procurement needs.

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Advantage South West is an organisation that is owned by social housing providers in the South West region. They specialise in helping the social housing sector to improve homes and lives through collaboration and innovation.


The Scottish Procurement Alliance offers a central service, linking buyers and suppliers to enhance public space construction, refurbishment, and maintenance. Custom frameworks for local authorities and social landlords align with regulations for nationwide scope.


The Welsh Procurement Alliance (WPA) offers efficient frameworks for sourcing works, products, and services by local authorities, social landlords, and public bodies. In Wales, WPA connects construction entities with client needs, improving public property construction and maintenance.


The South West Procurement Alliance (SWPA) is part of the LHC Group, a non-profit organisation creating frameworks for public sector use. Since 1966, SWPA has provided high-quality frameworks and procurement solutions for public sector clients.


YPO caters to a broad spectrum of customers, encompassing schools, local authorities, charities, emergency services, public sector organisations, as well as businesses like nurseries and care homes.


The commitment revolves around creating and delivering exceptional solutions that elevate the experiences of Supply Chain Partners, Members, and the customers of Members. There is a dedication to infusing personality and warmth into all actions.

Dynamic purchasing systems

The Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is a flexible procurement method for common works, services, and goods, operating like an electronic framework agreement, promoting competition. It's entirely digital, efficient, and follows regulated guidelines from Regulation 34 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

While we are listed as a DPS (Dynamic Purchasing System) for all the frameworks mentioned, it's important to note that the businesses listed below are exclusively registered as DPS participants.

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is the leading public procurement organisation in the UK, leveraging its commercial know-how to help government and public sectors economise on routine purchases.

PfH Scotland offers complete house services, including frameworks, consultancy, technology, and purchasing systems. Members benefit from both immediate cost savings and enduring long-term advantages.


Procurement Hub leads in the development of innovative procurement solutions, offering a range of Dynamic Purchasing Systems and Frameworks. Their strength lies in their expertise, support, and the simplicity of their solutions.


Efficiency North Holdings is a group of social housing landlords in Northern England. It includes EN:Procure Ltd, EN:Able Futures CIC, and EN:Able Build, all non-profit organisations. Together, they are committed to creating social value and promoting economic regeneration in the region.


Westworks, backed by the Cabinet Office, is a Central Purchasing Body providing pre-arranged works, services, and supplies to government entities. Serving a diverse user base including housing associations, local authorities, government departments, and charities.

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