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Educational settings vary widely in structure and function, from classrooms and laboratories to accommodation and recreational areas. Each presents unique fire risks that require tailored fire safety protocols to mitigate the potential hazards effectively.  


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Fire safety in educational institutions is critical for protecting the lives of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Ensuring a safe environment across schools, colleges, academies, student accommodations, and universities requires comprehensive fire safety solutions tailored to the unique risks and challenges of each setting. Investing in robust fire safety measures not only safeguards lives but also promotes a secure and supportive environment for education.


  • Comprehensive Site Assessments
    Completed, where needed, at the start of your partnership with us to identify any issues and outline the scope of needed work
  • Passive and Active Fire Safety Systems
    Providing the appropriate fire stopping or compartmentation solution for every location and scenario, installed by our dedicated team of experts
  • Emergency Exits and Signage
    Ensure all emergency exits are clearly marked, unobstructed, and easily accessible. Install visible signage to guide students and staff to safety


Universities are complex environments with a diverse range of facilities and activities, making fire safety a critical concern to protect the lives and safety of students, faculty, and visitors. 


Student Accommodation


In student accommodation, the safety and security of residents are paramount. Ensuring effective fire safety measures is crucial to protect the lives of students and staff in the event of a fire. 


Schools, Colleges & Academies

In schools, colleges, and academies, the safety of students, staff, and visitors is paramount. Implementing effective fire safety measures is essential to create a secure learning environment and protect lives in the event of a fire. 


Fire Safety Healthchecks-1

Fire Safety Healthchecks

Carried out when you first bring us on board and at regular five-year intervals to make sure the fire safety solutions you have in place remain effective. 

Passivce & Active Solutions-1

Passive & Active Solutions

Installed on site by our fire safety experts, who remain committed to delivering an excellent standard of service while upholding our resident-centric approach. 

Minimal Distruption_1-1

Minimal Disruption

Our project managers collaborate closely with your team to ensure that all work is completed with minimal disruption to your operations.

Ongoing Maintance

Ongoing Maintenance

To keep your building fully fire safety compliant and your tenants safe, we carry out regular maintenance checks and reassess your needs. 


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Fire Safety in the Education Sector 2024

In this webinar we explore the newest advancements and essential updates in fire safety regulations in the Education sector.


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