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Fire Doors are a key component of passive fire protection. They are more than just doors. We see fire doors as an engineered life-saving device that can withstand heat and flames for up to a specific amount of time if installed correctly.
As such, it is critical that you regularly maintain and check your doors to make sure they still meet the fire regulatory standards.

Ventro's flagship Fire Door Healthcheck, coupled with our BM Trada accredited installation process is the only way you can be sure your doors comply.

Our Fire Door Healthcheck will pinpoint problems

Since the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 has come into force, every organisation has a 'Responsible Person' who is ultimately responsible for the fire safety of the building, and unless this responsibility is delegated then it lies with the building owner. Our technicians are trained to the FDIS standards and are there to support and advise you regarding all aspects of fire door safety as set out under BS 8214.

We have our very own Fire Door Healthcheck which includes a 52 point checklist which we have developed, and use with all of our customers when they require Fire Door services. This Healthcheck will allow us to pick out any issues with your doors that are not compliant and do not fit under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 standards.

Everything we suggest is more of a recommendation; green, amber, red. This follows a traffic light system which we match against your Healthcheck so you know what aspects need attention and prioritisation. 

Fire Door specification and materials

At Ventro we provide our clients with choice, we work with each and every client as individuals, and base our quotes and doors entirely on your budget and style requirements. Our fire doors are all fire rated and have been subjected to rigorous fire safety testing as specified in the specified in BS 476-22.1987 or BS EN 1634-1:2014. 

Our doors come in a variety of different glazes and finishes which include Oak, Flush, Cherry, Walnut, Ash, plus many more options to choose from. Fire doors are normally 45mm thick, compared to the standard door thickness of 35 mm

There are several different fire rated specifications you may see or hear us talking about. The specification varies depending on what type of property the door is being used within, as well as how long it can resist against a fire. The specifications are listed below.

FD30 - Fire rated door for up to 30 minutes. This door is the normal specification and is used for most domestic properties. 

FD60 - Fire rated door for up to 60 minutes. This door is used in most public properties such as schools, hotels, and offices. These doors are normally 54mm thick, so thicker than the basic fire door, as long as the doors have been correctly fitted*

FD90 - Fire rated door for up to 90 minutes.

FD120 - Fire rated door for up to 120 minutes.

* Note that the fire rating will only be effective if fitted correctly. Ventro is certified under the BM Trada Exova Fire Door Installer scheme and is accredited under the Fire Door Inspection Scheme, which means we have strict standards and specifications to adhere to. Contact us to discuss your requirements with our passive fire consultants on 0845 38 10 999.

Our clients’ range in size and industry

Many large organisations rely on us to keep their fire doors compliant.  Our client base ranges from local authorities and housing associations, through to luxury hotels with handcrafted doors and nationwide hotel groups.  There is no such thing as a 'typical' fire door project; our projects vary from a one day Fire Door Healthcheck where we are auditing the doors in a nursing home, to a 3-year contract with a housing association complete with permanent site office and storage depot.

One consistent feature of every project is that our clients have the confidence and trust in Ventro to deliver their projects on time and within budget, with the added benefit of one point of contact and comprehensive project management.

Why use Ventro?

Alongside our impressive range of clients and success stories, we can give you a list of further reasons why choosing Ventro will put your mind at ease:

●     Bespoke Fire Door Healthcheck service details the risk priority of every door in your building;

●     Our projects procedures are audited independently by BM Trada;

●     Our staff hold the FDIS Diploma;

●     National network of locally based technicians;

●     Maintenance contracts, including the Fire Door Healthcheck and minor repairs;

●     Capability to manage one-off contracts, group contracts, and long-term contracts.

We are accredited with the FDIS and BM Trada

Ventro is Certified under both the Fire Door Inspection Scheme & BM Trada. This allows us to provide our customers with expert advice to help them meet their fire door safety legal obligations. Our aim is to help raise awareness of defective doors and the potential consequences of leaving them unchecked. Fire safety is serious, and should not be taken lightly.

Our aim is to help raise awareness of defective doors and the potential consequences of leaving them unchecked. Fire safety is serious, and should not be taken lightly.


We're fully accredited and certified

Here at Ventro, our team is fully accredited to carry out passive fire auditing, installations, and maintenance. We always take great pride in making sure our team is fully capable of carrying out their job to a professional, high-quality level that is recognised by leading certified bodies within the fire safety industry.

We are accredited under the BM Trada Q-Mark Fire Door Installer and Fire Stopping schemes. We are certified under the Fire Door Inspection Scheme, the Fire Industry Association, as well as the Safecontractor scheme. Our team is also fully trained under the CHAS (Contractors Health And Safety) Scheme and the Constructionline certification.

To read more about our accreditations, please follow the link below:

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