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high rise building safety
Since the UK Fire Safety Act came into effect in April 2021, it’s essential for theAccountable Person of a high rise building in either England or Wales to ensure the premises are fitted with all the correct fire equipment. Not only will this mean you meet all the requirements when a fire risk assessment is undertaken, but it’ll also keep the building and also anyone living in it safe at all times.

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Fire safety act 2021
The Fire Safety Act was introduced in March 2020 and officially became law in England and Wales in April 2021. It’s aimed to close any loopholes in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order...

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fire timber door with vision panels
A fire door is an internal door built to slow down the spread of fire or smoke throughout a building, allowing more time for evacuation should a fire incident occur on a premises.

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fire door
Fire doors are an essential aspect of fire safety for any property. They’re designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke in a building for long periods. This ensures escape routes are...

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Fire stopping is a critical element of fire protection for any building type. Its purpose is to prevent or slow down the spread of fire and smoke by keeping it within zones and compartments,...

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