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The Importance of Compartmentation

  • How do Passive and Active Fire Protection Components Work Together?
  • Challenges of Working in a Healthcare Environment?
  • How Can We Help You Manage the Risk in Your Healthcare Properties?
  • Networking Session A Fire Safety Enforcement Officer’s Perspective

Speak to a fire safety expert

Ventro Webinar-Compartmentation

Ventro has put together a targeted series of events running throughout the year covering all aspects of fire safety across every sector to work with, share, learn from and teach our conscientious clients and to continue to drive improving standards.

In addition Ventro’s technical team provides a number of on-site and virtual CPD events that can be tailored to our customers specific requirements and provide a unique consultancy approach to support in the delivery of fire safety programmes of work.

Guest Speaker Profiles

Howard Melvin

Technical Director - Ventro Group

Howard is the Technical Director at Ventro, and has been working in the fire industry for over 30 years. He is experienced in many practical aspects of project management, having a detailed knowledge of Health & Safety guidelines (working with our external consultants Citation) and fire safety standards. Fully qualified by BM TRADA, he provides valuable oversight and direction for the regional Health, Safety and Quality Teams on the operational side of the business.

Jake Eames

Head of Operations, South - Ventro Group

Jake started with Ventro 5 years ago and has risen with the company to head up his own team, and has successfully managed several major projects from start to finish. Jake also oversees the ongoing fire safety maintenance of hundreds of properties.

Mark Pratten

Fire Safety Enforcement Officer (Rtd.)

Mark served with the Fire Service for over 25 years, progressing from a rookie fire fighter to an Enforcement Officer. He is now retired from the Fire Service and provides support as a private consultant.

Steven Wilson

Operations Manager - Ventro

Steven is Ventro’s Operations Manager, with 32 years’ of operational management, including overseas assignments. He is also the brains behind Ventro’s GAND scheme, which is all about giving back to the environment.