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The Implications of The Building Safety Bill

The Nucleus events are an excellent opportunity to network with industry specialists and gain best practice insights, legislative and industry knowledge specifically related to the sector.

Facilitating learning, networking and relationship building through a private virtual online event platform reserved for registered housing providers and local authorities.

Speak to a fire safety expert


Ventro has put together a targeted series of events running throughout the year covering all aspects of fire safety across every sector to work with, share, learn from and teach our conscientious clients and to continue to drive improving standards.

In addition Ventro’s technical team provides a number of on-site and virtual CPD events that can be tailored to our customers specific requirements and provide a unique consultancy approach to support in the delivery of fire safety programmes of work.

Guest Speaker Profiles

Harvey Melvin

Managing Director - Ventro Group

Harvey Melvin, as one of the founding members of Ventro, has had years of experience in the fire safety industry and has the knowledge and expertise to provide buildings nationwide with high quality Fire Safety solutions and compliance.

Gavin Besley

General Manager At Valcon

Gavin Besley is the general manager at Valcan, an organisation Ventro works with to ensure that buildings up and down the country are fitted with cladding that will help protect the building and it's occupants in the case of fire.