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The Burning Question

This webinar looks into the conflicting priorities in the education sector, and how to take a balanced approach.

  • Cladding and the make-up of facades
  • Bringing fire safety in universities and the wider education sector up to standard post-covid
  • Fire Doors; accredited surveys, audits, and maintenance
  • Lack of fire safety knowledge amongst general tradespersons in your buildings?
  • How does the building safety bill affect university buildings above 18M?
  • Conflicting Priorities In The Education Sector; Covid, Sustainability and Fire Safety

Using real life examples and case studies, this webinar will be looking into the importance of the correct specification, installation, and maintenance of all systems such as, compartmentation, fire doors, cladding, sprinkler and alarm systems.

Speak to a fire safety expert


Ventro has put together a targeted series of events running throughout the year covering all aspects of fire safety across every sector to work with, share, learn from and teach our conscientious clients and to continue to drive improving standards.

In addition Ventro’s technical team provides a number of on-site and virtual CPD events that can be tailored to our customers specific requirements and provide a unique consultancy approach to support in the delivery of fire safety programmes of work.

Guest Speaker Profiles

Howard Melvin

Technical Director - Ventro Group

Howard is the Technical Director at Ventro, and has been working in the fire industry for over 30 years. He is experienced in many practical aspects of project management, having a detailed knowledge of Health & Safety guidelines (working with our external consultants Citation) and fire safety standards. Fully qualified by BM TRADA, he provides valuable oversight and direction for the regional Health, Safety and Quality Teams on the operational side of the business.

Josh Skelcey

Fire Safety Consultant - Ventro Group

Former Professional Rugby Player, Josh is now an integral part of the Ventro team. Looking after Fire Safety in properties within the Education Sector across the South of England, Josh helps deliver fire safety systems to ensure the safety of both students and staff.

Keith Sillitoe

Head Of Fire Safety - Unite Students

Keith is currently Head of Fire Safety for Unite Students Group, and takes responsibility for fire safety across over 175 purpose built student accommodation properties across the UK. Keith previously worked as HM Chief Inspector of Fire Services and spent several years as the Senior Fire Safety Consultant for the British Safety Council.

Toby Green

Facade Consultant - Valcan

Toby has been in the construction industry for over 11 years providing specifications and consultancy work for Architects, Contractors and Fabricators on Balconies and Facades. His expertise in coatings and external facades has enabled me to advise and specify the correct finishes to meet the A1 and A2 non-combustible coatings requirements with the façade industry. This means working with Architects, Façade Installers, Fire engineers, and contractors throughout the whole of the UK and Ireland providing both advice, CPD training and specification work.

Anne Isaacs

Estate Manager - Rivermead Court

Anne has managed student halls for more than 20 years, and has experience first-hand of what did not go wrong when a real fire took place in one of her student halls. For the last 3 years Anne has been managing a private estate consisting of 211 luxury flats. Her spare time is spent volunteering for IOSH as well as being a school governor.