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Emergency Escape Hoods: A Life-Saving Solution for High-Rise Buildings and Care Homes

Emergency Escape Hoods: A Life-Saving Solution for High-Rise Buildings and Care Homes

Protecting residents in high-rise buildings and care homes is of paramount importance, as these types of structures inherently carry greater risks, making safety measures all the more crucial. The densely populated nature of these buildings intensifies the risk and underscores the necessity for robust safety protocols.

For housing associations across the UK, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents, especially in high-rise buildings and care homes, is a top priority due to the unique vulnerabilities associated with these living environments. This is precisely where the DEZEGA EmSCAPE Emergency Escape Hood comes into play, offering an innovative solution to address the specific safety concerns associated with such buildings. Throughout this blog we explore why the Emergency Escape Hood stands as an indispensable addition for every high rise building or care home.

What is the EmSCAPE Emergency Hood?

The DEZEGA EmSCAPE Emergency Escape Hood is a safety device designed to offer respiratory and visual protection during emergencies. The hood provides oxygen upon donning and ensures a breathable atmosphere even in toxic environments. With features like a wide fireproof visor, a flame-resistant hood, and an elastic obturator to prevent gas entry, it guarantees safety during fire or other hazardous situations. It's easy to use, with a simple 4-step donning process, and is suitable for diverse situations, from industrial emergencies to rescuing bedridden patients.

Who are DEZEGA?

DEZEGA holds the distinction of being one of the largest global creators and producers of self-contained breathing equipment. Their expertise lies in designing and manufacturing closed-circuit breathing apparatus, utilising both chemically bound and compressed oxygen technologies.

Tailored for Emergencies in High-rise Buildings:

High-rise buildings have their own set of challenges during emergencies. With potentially long evacuation times and the threat of smoke and toxic fumes filling corridors and apartments, having a DEZEGA EmSCAPE hood could mean the difference between life and death. The hood offers:

Isolation from Harmful Elements: Designed to completely isolate breathing and protect your vision, the EmSCAPE hood offers protection against smoke and toxic gases, ensuring residents can breathe safely while effectively navigating their way out of the building.

Extended Safety Period: The rated duration at escape is no less than 15 minutes, while the real duration time goes up to the point of the breathing bag collapsing, ensuring residents have ample time to get to safety.

Perfect for Care Homes:

Care homes house some of the most vulnerable members of our society, many of whom have mobility issues or health conditions that can make swift evacuations challenging.

No Health Restrictions: The DEZEGA EmSCAPE has no restrictions based on health conditions, ensuring that everyone, including bedridden patients and the elderly, can use it.

Automatic Oxygen Supply: The fully-automatic starter provides oxygen immediately upon donning, crucial for residents who might be in respiratory distress during an emergency.

User-friendly Design:

In the midst of a crisis, complex equipment can cause more harm than good. The DEZEGA EmSCAPE boasts a design that is comfortable and easy to use.

Simple 4-step Donning: From opening the package to adjusting the inner mask, the process is straightforward, even for someone who's never used such a device before.

Wide Fireproof Visor & Hood: These features not only offer protection but also ensure that vision is not compromised, a key factor during evacuations.

DeZega Escape Hood

Versatile Protection:

The DEZEGA EmSCAPE is designed to offer protection against a range of toxic elements often found in fires, including benzol, chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, and more. Whether it's a small electrical fire or a major blaze, residents are shielded from the most harmful substances.


The safety of residents is non-negotiable. As high-rise buildings become a staple in our cities and care homes continue to house our most vulnerable loved ones, it's imperative for housing associations and care groups to equip them with the best safety measures available. The DEZEGA EmSCAPE offers a comprehensive solution that not only enhances resident safety but also provides peace of mind to their families and caretakers. Investing in such advanced safety equipment is not just a smart decision; it's a testament to the commitment of housing associations to their residents' well-being.

At Ventro, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide our customers with the best possible solutions. DEZEGA's EmSCAPE is a prime example of our unwavering dedication to exceeding safety standards in high-rise buildings and care homes.

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