Fire Stopping

Fire Stopping is another key component of your passive fire protection. The following will help explain to you the importance and relevance of fire stopping and how we can help you. We work with a range of brands that produce high-quality fire stopping products such as fire collars, putties, fire sealants, and much more.

According to the National Fire Protection Association's report, unprotected vertical and horizontal penetrations provide one of the major contributing causes of the rapid, erratic spread of smoke and fire. These openings allowed the smoke to spread beyond the room in question and into occupied floors.

Fire Safety really shouldn’t be something you compromise. We all know that money can be tight, but if a fire did happen and you weren't compliant, we know one thing is for sure, it will cost you a lot more money, whether that is in court fees, fines or refurbishment of a fire damaged property. You've just got to think to yourself, how much are you willing to risk for saving that extra bit of cash? 

At Ventro we provide a range of fire safety products and services to make sure your building is fire safe, Fire stopping is just one of them. Fire Stopping is something Ventro excel at. Fire safety is all about the means at to which you can stop fires from spreading, and to keep them under control.

Fire Stopping is all about the means at to which you can stop fires from spreading, and to keep them under control. In a nutshell, it is a way to compartmentalise within a building that needs to be protected against the passage of fire or smoke.

A fire protection system that is made up of a variety of components used to seal joints in fire-resistant rated walls or floor assemblies.   There are different aspects of Fire Stopping from the types of materials you use to construct buildings, to the walls, the ceilings, and floors.

Ventro  is here to help you every step of the journey. We have qualified engineers and installers who can help you run Healthchecks on your buildings to see what you already have in place, and what you could do further to enhance the fire safety of your building.

Active Fire Stopping

At Ventro we have a whole catalogue of fire safety equipment and products that can help stop a fire, or to at least help fire crews by slowing the fire down. We provide a range of:

- Fire emergency signs;

- Emergency lighting;

- Fire extinguishers;

- Sprinklers.

Contact our team to find out about the whole range of products we provide.

Passive Fire Stopping

What materials your building is made up of could potentially be the difference between a fire spreading, and a fire stopping.

Fire Stopping could be the type of material used in the installation that is thicker and helps reduce the burn-out time which ultimately prevents fires from spreading or sealants and coatings that can be used in construction that will help slow down the burning process.

- Fire Compartment Walls;

- Fire Doors;

- Access Hatches;

- Fire Pillows;

- Fire curtains etc.

Why would you need to get Fire Stopping products installed in your building?

Fire Stopping products play a crucial role in fire safety and preventing fires in your building or property from spreading;

- They give you that extra time to get out of the building and increase safety of everyone involved;

- They are compliant and meet the standards set for fire safety practices here in the UK;

- As of October 2005, Fire Safety Law changed to state that it is your responsibility to ensure that you maintain your fire safety systems. Fire Stopping is just one area and one that needs constant review.

Why choose us?

Many organisations have chosen to work with us on Fire Stopping. Safety, quality, and customer service are three of the most important things to us. Our team IS highly qualified and has a wealth of experience on Fire Stopping and passive fire safety protection. 

All of the products and services we provide have been thoroughly checked, installed and maintained. We follow a 3 step approach which will help you before, during, and after installation to make sure you maintain your fire safety and remain compliant. 

At Ventro we hold the Exova BM Trada Q-Mark Fire Stopping Installer accreditation, we are Alcumus Safecontractor approved and are an accredited contractor as part of the (CHAS) Health and Safety assessment scheme.

Our clients have the confidence and trust in Ventro to deliver their projects on time and on budget, with the added benefit of one point of contact and comprehensive project management.

So why wouldn’t they want to choose us?


We're fully accredited and certified

Here at Ventro, our team is fully accredited to carry out passive fire auditing, installations, and maintenance. We always take great pride in making sure our team is fully capable of carrying out their job to a professional, high-quality level that is recognised by leading certified bodies within the fire safety industry.

We are accredited under the BM Trada Q-Mark Fire Door Installer and Fire Stopping schemes. We are certified under the Fire Door Inspection Scheme, the Fire Industry Association, as well as the Safecontractor scheme. Our team is also fully trained under the CHAS (Contractors Health And Safety) Scheme and the Constructionline certification.

To read more about our accreditations, please follow the link below:

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