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Ventro Logo 2021 - Final-01
Reference MAN 00
Version 1.0
Issue Date 29/04/2022
Approved MD


Complaints Policy Statement


To Enhance customer satisfaction by creating a customer-focused environment that is open to feedback (including complaints), resolving any complaints received, and enhancing the organisation's ability to improve its products and services, including customer service;

Top management involvement and commitment through adequate acquisition and deployment of resources, including personnel training;

Recognising and addressing the needs and expectations of complainants;

Providing complainants with an open, effective and easy-to-use complaints process;

Analysing and evaluating complaints in order to improve the quality of products and services, including customer service;

Auditing of the complaints-handling process;

Reviewing the effectiveness and efficiency of the complaints-handling process

Reviewed and Approved by Managing Director, Harvey Melvin
Date: 29.04.22