This is the second step of our 3 Step Approach process to improving the fire safety of your building. 

So you have had your Ventro Healthcheck, or you have been advised by someone external of services you need for your building in order to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Now you are at the stage where you need products installed within your building based on professional recommendations.

Installation, this is the second step of our 3 step approach. All of the remedial work that has been advised to you will need installation before your building can get that fire safety seal of approval.

I haven't followed Step 1, can you still do my Installations?

So you haven't been with us since the beginning, that does not matter. The thing that matters is that you are here now and we are more than happy to help you.

You do not have to follow Step 1 in order for us to help you.

The steps are individual services we provide, the approach combines all 3 steps which are designed purely to help you as our customers, we also like to see projects through to the end as we are very thorough and like to do a good job.

The approach is set out to help you manage your time and budget. It can be very stressful when it comes to shopping around, and we all know that it is time-consuming, especially when you may or may not really know what you're looking for or what to look out for in terms of fire safety specifications.

Having everything in one place is to really benefit you as our valued customers, we also like to build relationships with our clients and see projects through to the end when possible.

What happens next, once I choose to go ahead with Step 2?

If you did not have a healthcheck carried out on your building, our team offer a FREE consultation which will involve our team visiting your property and looking at items that need attention. This will be the first step of step 2.

During the Ventro Healthcheck, our team scrupulously goes through every inch of your building and listed items which need attention based on a traffic light system. Our traffic light system (Red= needs the highest priority and is not currently compliant, Amber= will need attention but is still compliant, Green = all ok, nothing to worry about). During the FREE consultation, ites will not be checked in such detail but will be listed in terms of priority ready for our team to put together the quote. When putting quotes together for installations, we like to make sure we are helping you get the best out of your budget. So we will only focus on items which are highlighted in red.  This will be documented in a report and handed back to the customer. The report only states recommendations, by no means are customers tied into following through t the next steps, it is down to them. They have to weigh up the risks and costs. All we can do is advise.

When putting quotes together for installations, we like to make sure we are helping you get the best out of your budget. We tend to only focus on items which are highlighted in red (unless you specify otherwise).  Our passive fire consultants will then pass this onto our estimator who will go through our different suppliers and put together a quote for the installations (the products will be based on the style and specifications of the property and the customers' requirements and budget). It will then be passed back to our customer who will then decide whether they are happy to go ahead.

If they are happy with the quote, this then gets passed to our project management team who will then work very closely with the client, and our team of qualified and accredited installers who will arrange to come in and do the work, based on when is most suitable for you.

Why choose to work with us?

Here at Ventro, one thing we do not do is leave you hanging. We like to make sure we have looked after you from the start, all the way through to after the service has been completed. Our competent customer service has allowed us to create a very close relationship with our customers, making sure we look after them as best as possible.

Having been founded and grown through reliability, integrity, and innovation, you can trust Ventro to take a load off your hands and ensure the services we have provided keep you on the right side of the law.  What's more, with our national network of locally based technicians we can provide group packages with a personal touch.  We work with our clients to see the project through from survey, to installation.  And it doesn't stop there; we then back up our work with a full ongoing maintenance contract, for continual peace of mind.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team today who will be more than happy to talk to you.

What sort of prices do you charge?

We are fortunate to have worked with a range of clients, from large organisations, to medium and small businesses. Our pricing strategy is based around what our clients want and the style of the building itself.  

We do take into consideration that budgets may be tight, but we do not settle for the cheapest. We like to offer options, and quality, so we will quote based around your budget. We will not provide products that are out of your price range, but we will select quality products that will not only do their job, but will match with the style and design of your property. 

Our prices vary depending on size of the property or project and will be based on the number of items needing installation, or the sqm of your property.

For more information on prices, it will all depend on your budget and requirements. Please fill out an enquiry form at the bottom of the page, or just pop us an email and one of our passive fire consultants will get back to you.


We're fully accredited and certified

Here at Ventro, our team is fully accredited to carry out passive fire auditing, installations, and maintenance. We always take great pride in making sure our team is fully capable of carrying out their job to a professional, high-quality level that is recognised by leading certified bodies within the fire safety industry.

We are accredited under the BM Trada Q-Mark Fire Door Installer and Fire Stopping schemes. We are certified under the Fire Door Inspection Scheme, the Fire Industry Association, as well as the Safecontractor scheme. Our team is also fully trained under the CHAS (Contractors Health And Safety) Scheme and the Constructionline certification.

To read more about our accreditations, please follow the link below:

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